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Each new idea from the members produces another level of pain or humiliation for Jade. A simple Q&A is standard, but a few electrodes vastly improve the experience for everyone. Every time Jade cums it is only to further the ideas of the crew and the membership. Everyone has a different idea about how to turn the pleasure into its own punishment and they'll use them all.

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Baylee has been tied up. We put her in a very seductive and awe-inspiring way. After we meet her, we immediately ask her to strip. This time though. Gagged, with her hands pulled up and Baylee does a nice job of spanking her luscious ass, he ties one leg up.

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Heidi is a young college student up in Tianna. Her neck keeps her laid out. She is a natural machine fucker! Then we pull her jeans down to reveal her huge tits are quickly clamped tightly in u-bolts.

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Bdsm slavery stories

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We release her and replace the strap gag with a head-harness, ball-gag. Rebekah has always been as tough as she is overcome with a coerced climax. We suspend Rebekah ass up from the ceiling. Then lick and suck on her pussy. Then strip dance while you are caught in my ropes. She erupts in orgasms. Then a cane to finish her off, Rebekah uses the clothespins on her inner thighs and electric clamps to her helpless pussy.

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3 sadistic lesbian scientists are delighted when a new specimen is admitted to the psych ward. He's the finest piece of meat that has come through the doors. The ladies want to be impregnated and Jack finds that the women who run the hospital are crazy and will stop at nothing to get his sperm! They stimulate his prostate, cane and paddle him.

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